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Dominor Investment Holding LLP, was established in 2013 by Sara Group to bring it’s early stage, venture capital, private and public equities business under one umbrella.

Dominor traces its roots to early stage investments made by Sara group, in areas of fashion, wellness, technology and food. From its inception, Dominor has continued to make direct early stage and venture capital investments; grown to become a limited partner at various funds; and has made sizeable public equity investments too.

Dominor’s investments are purely from proprietary capital of Sara group and can be split in three main areas:

• Direct Investments in early stage, venture and private equity deals;
• Private investment in public equities (PIPE); and
• Participation as a limited partner (LP) in funds across the above asset classes.

As a sector agnostic investor, we have been and remain open to investing across sectors, provided the opportunity meets are checklist.

Our ability to invest across rounds and take sizeable stakes in our investee companies is also positively correlated to the amount of time we like to devote to our portfolio companies. We are strategically hands on and have a deep belief in the companies we invest in and the entrepreneurs we partner with…

Investing is as much a quantitative science as it is a qualitative skill. We do not forget this “mantra” and try to leverage our experience from the rigour of running businesses and combining it with the “intuition” of backing a great founder, company or product!!

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Very often, it is believed that early stage and venture capital investments are at logger heads with traditional PIPE investments. At Dominor, we believe that we can benefit greatly by leveraging our learnings across investing in these diverse asset classes, and delivering sustainable returns.

We aim at combining the passion and energy of early and mid stage entrepreneurs with the rigor and discipline of analysis in the world of PIPE investments. Like Khalil Gibrain has professed, one’s reasoning and rationality are the rudder and the passion, one’s sails. We aim to employ both to direct our “investing ship”.

Our philosophy is simple – identify; invest in; cultivate and support building wonderful businesses. And in this simplicity is the magic. While there are many things that go into creating a wonderful business, at Dominor we look at the following as non negotiable starting points:

• A team of passionate, committed and empathetic entrepreneurs
• A large and growing market to address
• A consistently falling cost of scaling

Beyond the above, there are many factors that drive our investment decision making and the success of a business.

One of our key learnings in our short journey has been that the entrepreneur is the hero in this movie. The investor, in addition to being a financial partner, is the invisible mentor, guide and conscience keeper. Leaning on our lessons from the game football, being an investor is a lot like a being a football manager – you may strategize, guide, coach, mentor and motivate, but you are still invisible on the field…

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